May 18, 2011

A Vacation and a Job Offer

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It’s amazing what you’ll do when you’re job hunting… I just spent several days with my family at the beach for my cousin’s wedding, and had a last minute opportunity to visit a school. I drove four hours from the beach and back to spend the day at this school, and got offered the maternity leave position they were looking to fill. I believe I mentioned this job in my last post– well, I got it! I’ll be teaching World History, Economics, and managing the Yearbook for a couple of months this fall. I’m all over World History, but Economics is definitely going to stretch me. This is the text they’re using: 

Photo from here.

Any other suggestions? Has anyone read this book? The class also uses Freakonomics, and I’ve read that before.

I’m a little disappointed that it’s not a full-time position, but it’s my only option at this point. I’m going to keep my eyes peeled, but I’m also throwing myself headfirst into reading and preparing for these classes. Maybe it will lead to something greater! For now, I’ll begin selecting audiobooks for my hour-long commute 🙂


  1. Carolyn C. said,

    Charles Wheelan was a Yahoo! expert for some time. I have met him but haven’t read the book. It is supposed to be very good. Congrats on the job!!

  2. Page M. said,

    Hi! Just so you know…there are SO many people who say they are coming back after maternity leave and then don’t!!! So, congratulations on the job and at the very least, it will give the school a chance to see how wonderful you are and then they might find a place for you, permanently! Which school? Close to me? Much love and so excited for your new adventures!

  3. Jeff K. said,

    Hey. I’ve read the book and met the author (kinda. we sat at the same table at a dinner at a conference where he was speaking. but it should count.). It’s one of the best popular breakdowns of economics I’ve read.

    He also is a frequent guest/contributor to the Planet Money podcast, so there might be some additional material there.

    Hope y’all are doing well.

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