June 7, 2011

Portland, ME

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It’s been quite a busy start to the summer! Here I am writing about our trip to Maine 10 days ago, having just gotten back from North Carolina for a college reunion. It’s always wonderful to see old friends and professors 🙂

So, Portland! This was my first trip ever to Maine, and I was really stunned by its beauty. The closest place I can compare it to is Northern California, with its rocky beaches and rolling fog. We ate amazing food all weekend– highlights include lobster stew and strawberry rhubarb pie delivered to us by an opera-singing waitress in an almost-empty restaurant, and a  backyard lobster bake Sunday night at our hosts’ home. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to have my hands messy.

personal photo

We started out the day with a hike on Morse Mountain, ending up on a beach so foggy that we couldn’t see 50 yards in front of us. The water was too cold for most of us, but we did enjoy a walk and a couple of sandwiches and beers on the sandy rocks.

personal photo

personal photo

personal photo

  It was beautiful and ethereal, but we got even luckier later that afternoon– the fog burned off by the time we got home and this is what awaited us:
personal photo

personal photo

It was an unforgettable trip and a perfect getaway from New York City. Our hosts were so welcoming that we felt perfectly comfortable and just let ourselves be taken care of for a few days. Thanks for the lovely vacation, and next time sign me up for dish duty!

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