June 11, 2011

Museums of New York

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Now that we’re all caught up on trips, let’s get back to what I’m spending most of my time on. For the last couple of classes of my Masters degree, I’m taking advantage of some amazing New York resources and opportunities. I’m taking a class right now called Museums of New York, where we spend our time visiting local museums that are off the beaten track and learning how to use them in our respective classrooms. I’ve discovered that all of these museums have extensive education programs and regularly work with schools to bring art into the classroom even when schools cut arts programs. 

The Jewish Museum

Photo from here.

The Rubin Museum

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Brooklyn Historical Society

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Brooklyn Museum of Art

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I’m also in the middle of an independent research project on bringing art into the English classroom. Thanks to my father, I have a strong background in Art History and it’s always been a great interest of mine. He took me to museums and taught me how art, culture, history, religion and literature all intersect and influence each other. As I read more literature, learned more history, and began to recognize more artworks, I realized that knowing a few stories could help me become familiar with many aspects of culture, and the more that was familiar to me, the more intrigued I was. I began to understand that connections stimulate and motivate learning across disciplines, and as I’ve been exploring my own teaching philosophy, I find that interdisciplinary and multicultural studies are at the top of my priority list for students. Our world is continually shrinking as travel, technology, and the media open up nations and cultures that seemed incredibly foreign just 100 years ago, and our students must understand and appreciate the differences and similarities between people (and their history and cultures) in order to be successful global citizens.

So, because my great loves are English and Art, my goal this summer is to combine these two subjects into a rich, informative, interactive course that reaches students with different learning styles, cultures, and backgrounds and helps prepare them for a diverse world. I’m doing lots of reading and, as you can see above, visiting many museums as I design this curriculum. I certainly feel very lucky to be in New York City where so many resources are readily available. Here’s to a fascinating summer!