September 14, 2011

Rights is rights, y’all

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One of my NYC friends posted this status on Facebook yesterday in regards to North Carolina’s proposed Amendment One: “As grief and anger over my home state of NC build, I hear the voice of Union’s own James Cone saying, “What are you angry about?  What are you willing to risk everything for?  What is worth maybe even your life?”  I believe that righteous anger can fuel revolution or turn into ‘woe is me’ depression.  Which will it be NC, which will it be?”

North Carolina Voters to Decide on Same-Sex Marriage

We can do better than this. I don’t usually repeat the statuses of others, but this is too important not to. People are people and human rights are human rights. How many years did it take us to figure this out about race and religion? And we’re still way behind on equality in those arenas. Let’s not repeat history.

I’m teaching my 7th and 8th graders about South Africa and apartheid right now, and my 10th graders are about to begin their study of the slave trade. Though these are much more brutal and violent violations of human rights, the hatred of others that they were based on and that they fostered is still very palpable in today’s world. I can’t help but think that after centuries of injustice and baseless persecution, we are still denying people basic rights– in this case, the right to choose a partner. Marriage is something most people take so much for granted that divorce and second and third marriages are the norm now. I’m certainly not condeming anyone there– the point is we have the freedom and the choice to marry and divorce as many times as we want. How on earth can we deny that right to gay people?

I’ll tell you what though y’all– gay protestors and activists sure do have a good sense of humor. Protest signs from here.