September 20, 2011

A Pedagogical Revolution from a High School Senior

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I only hope she goes on to become a teacher, y’all. I know this video is long, clocking in at over 9 minutes, but this high school valedictorian’s speech is an incredible indictment of our education system today. For those teachers out there busting their butts to answer the ever-present “Why are we studying this?” question, both for themselves and for their students, I hope you feel vindicated by this speech.

In other teacher news, I am seriously missing New York and its professional development opportunities for educators. Coming up the first weekend of October is the Preemptive Education Workshop put on by Michael Cirelli and crew from Urban Word NYC. I went to this last year and it’s an awesome opportunity to hear from multi-talented youth, speakers, and educators who working to make sure that every voice is heard and valued in our education system today. There are awesome ideas about incorporating hip hop, poetry, and multiculturalism into the classroom. And to make things extra exciting, Toni Blackman is gonna be there. If you’re around, go be inspired!