September 27, 2011

Tribute Part 2

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I’ve already written about my teacher, Dan Dalke. I think of him often, and try to bring the same excitement into my classroom every day that he brought to his. I teach in North Carolina, but this year the sophomore class trip is to Atlanta, my home city. I’ve been in charge of planning our visits to various tourist attractions, but the one that stands out for me more than anything else is the GA Aquarium.

Photo from here.

Besides teaching me marine biology, Dan taught me to care about the world, the oceans, the environment… he taught me the excitement of learning something new and unexpected. Who imagines that they’ll learn or care about fish in high school? Certainly not me. I loved English and history, and science only ranked a little above math. However, when Dan walked in with those flippers and that cape, I was sold. Nothing like a nerd who knows what he loves and isn’t afraid to show it. That’s the kind of nerd I aspire to be.

So Dan, this trip is for you. My mother has agreed to help me chaperone, and we will say a little prayer for you in front of the big tank. Whale sharks and 16-year-olds beware!

Photo from here.